"I've dabbled in lessons with other teachers through out the years all of whom I have taken pieces of information from but I always go back to the ideals of Germán. He makes things very easy to understand and the results with me have been outstanding.

I have been playing gigs for years, but lost my voice after every one. Recently though after seeing Germán again, I have been on top of my game, not losing my voice even after 5 -6 gigs in a row.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Germán for all of the wonderful help he has given me over the years, I hope to continue to learn and grow vocally from you"

Renee Cassar Artist Signed to Island Records


"Singing under German Silva's coaching has been a privilege of mine for the past four years. His methods have made me into the singer I am today, and trained my voice up to a level that I've become very proud of. All of the techniques I've learned from him have helped me to significantly improve my performance and vocals.

He has exposed me to the opportunity to record a few cover songs at studio quality which has been a great learning experience as well. I think also, that you know you have a great vocal coach when their singing voice sounds anything like German's.

Going to lessons and learning from him is such a pleasure, because I know that he always has his students needs and best interests at heart when it comes to the world of music."

Emily Imber


"I'd had singing lessons for many years and always felt limited and that i would never be able to fix all the things I was doing wrong.

Since starting with German, from the very first lesson, everyone noticed how much more relaxed my singing was and how much my voice has been improving.

German was actually able to give me tangible techniques that could help me overcome the bad habits I knew I had but didn't know how to or thought I could never fix.

He is an extremely supportive, encouraging and patient teacher and person. I can't recommend him enough and have in fact brought at least 3 other friends to him for lessons.

Thank you German for helping me find my voice!"

Paul DiBenedetto