Singing Lessons

Becoming a great singer requires two things, commitment and having great training along the way to guide you.

It takes time and work to develop and control a quality singing voice and at the Superstar Singing School, lessons with Germán will help you reach your potential.

All singing lessons with Germán are one on one to help you get the best coaching for your unique voice and sound.

Thanks to his in-depth vocal studies Germán has been able to teach singers for over the last 10 years in many genders of music, whether it be pop, classical, musical theatre, RnB, rock , country, gospel etc. his methods can easily be applied to any style of music you want to work on.

Training is a necessary part for reaching and maximising your voice’s potential. All the top names in music use vocal coaching and get singing lessons to help maximize their vocal strength and technique.

Every lesson with Germán is custom recorded to a CD in digital format so that your practice of exercises and practice of your songs is easy, whilst your own progress is also being able to be monitored.

With your CD it's like getting a lesson any time of the day that you feel like it.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, regardless of your age or experience and want to contact us for more information about lessons with Germán, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

If you would like to organise a first free of charge consultation with Germán please let us know.