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About Germán Silva

The Artist. The Singer. The Teacher.

“I will always sing from my heart and my soul, with passion and determination. I will give my everything." - Germán Silva.

“My singing and music originates from years of musical influence that includes both cultural surroundings and a deep passion for powerful on-stage performances" says Germán. His voice and style have often been described as funky-urban, mixed with the finesse of classical opera/pop plus his own Latin influence.

Growing up in vibrant Latin America (Chile), Germán remembers music as a simple part of life. Radios sat by neighbours windows, echoing rhythms of all kinds. Playing soccer to the beats and rhythms of people on the street was a common pastime for Germán and friends. The inspiration to share music and communicate through songs and sounds is something he cherishes today.
A highly talented singer and a gifted performer, Germán (also known as “G) sings, writes, produces and records his own music. He performs in English, Spanish and Italian. Germán’s professionalism, determination and charisma have earned him respect and recognition from fellow musicians and the music industry at large.

In his early years as a performer Germán formed the Latin dance grooves band Vatos Locos. The band became well regarded within Melbourne’s Spanish speaking community, allowing the band to succeed in the mainstream club arena, and to produce an album. Vatos Locos is still Melbourne’s most successful Latin band and highly sought after by corporate functions and venues.

Other career highlights include performing with Ricky Martin on ‘Rove Live' and for Rachel Griffith’s 30th birthday. Television performances include Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton - “one of the best acts we’ve had on our show" Bert Newton.

World Youth Day Sydney 2008 was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Germán recorded and performed live ‘RECEIVE THE POWER - the international anthem of this event, in front of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, an estimated live audience of 500,000 and half a billion worldwide on TV broadcast. This extraordinary experience is something Germán will carry with him forever.

“ I always have a vigorous desire to give life to what I sense. I want people to listen, to be attracted to music and get in touch with their inner feelings through the sound and colour of my voice" Germán Silva.”